Stream: 2,3 Downtown

Dispelling. Rub smudge off black skinny jeans. White converse too much jean on jean on jean. Coffee glue. Too much orange much too much. Yellow chipping into dust. Dresses twenty six inches too short. Eyeing through iron bars. Where am I prison? Poison. Arsenic. Lace. Wipe that smug look off your face. Chambers is not close also not far. Stars screaming behind the sky woah oh oh oh for the longest time. Not enough time. Spider Man Prince Charming Owen Wilson That Boy you loved back when. Piano sounding empty. Wooden boards beneath my feet complete. Obituaries bringing tears velvet in the hot summertime. Racing chasing remember to eat but what when there is no time to dine. Undesirable. Meat. Aches itches baths and waterfalls. London in July you say? Release release the wall.

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