Stream: 2,3 Downtown: Part Deux

Charlie Chaplin silence black mustache guzzling moves. Roaring flipping scary dreams putting on my rouge. Blushing from jaw lines.Pretty birds make babies cry laugh wail. Maybe that’s a whale, indeed. Striking high head. Seventh avenue to be named on cue clown three. Two three. Seventy five. Sixty eight. It was late so late I wasn’t late just early so early too early Einstein’s dreams movement one oh one. Squishy lights windows down summer nights miss grass green smelly squishy.  Yellow chipping away chip chip chip. A book a novel a new comedienne breed dreams dreams storms outer calm inner storm. Midway through my life’s journey I found myself in dark woods the right road lost. Dante David Frank Elizabeth love courage hope share family.  I didn’t have a baby why the fuck can’t you shut yours up I didn’t have a baby for a reason a plethora  this being one poor babe good God I’ll take him. “Just a kiss!” he screams.  “Not just today every day!” Organs tuned so keenly ears bleed eyes roll maybe I’m a bitch it’s not his fault it’s science. Maroon five to other men. I comprehend. Massage shop sleep dreams. Work expounding multiplying grateful hopeful nearly crying. Stable hope cling grip strength is essential.  Flippant daisies in the wind inexplicable invisible blush see me blush rouge on Moulin Rouge I hope you don’t mind. Families setting up jokes in heart jest wonder. Creative collaboration vocal extension be weird be myself be genuine.  That’s good. Want drive hope.  Tell when you’re lying they can tell.  Love your lovers well never let go hope hope screams knocks dreams doors windows floors gardens and pigs glorious food. Peace and hope and dreams. Forks edges friends forest right road lost.  Second verse please there must be. Second level of hell? Coffee guy easy to love fill her up I don’t want no sugar it makes me mean.  Grammar Gammer smokes through tubes on emerald elephants soon to be elements we love hope dream pray.

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