Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

An excellent book by David Sedaris with illustrations by Ian Falconer.  Certainly a book I would highly recommend!! And a very fast read – good for subway riders. A few quotes I would like to share:Cute-Chipmunk

The Mouse and the Snake:

“When the serpent coiled, they jumped and fretted, reactions that left the mouse feeling almost unbelievably special – exotic, really, which was different from eccentric.  To qualify for the latter, all you needed was a turban and an affinity for ridiculously large beads or the color purple.  To be exotic, on the other hand, one had to think not just outside the box but outside the world of boxes.”

The Grieving Owl:

“To live in a damp crowded asshole and sing – if these guys don’t know the secret to living, I don’t know who does.”




I’m also feeling very grateful for having such amazing friends. My best friends have known me since middle school and still stand by me every day, no matter what life brings.  I love them.

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