Sylvia (Sylvia)

“The actors were outstanding, especially Meg Mark as Sylvia, she was incredible, and one would have to travel far and live a long time, to find an actor who could match her in this role.”
-DJ, North Jersey Times

The Big Uncut Flick (Rose Appleby / Maisie DeVere)

“With the comedic intensity of Andrea Martin, Meg Mark is hilarious in the dual roles of a Jean Harlow-type moll and as a young, Barbara Stanwyck-type good girl.”
-Theatre Scene

The Asphalt Christmas (Veda)


“The parochial school’s blond-pigtailed problem child is a cross between little Rhoda in ‘The Bad Seed’ and Regan in ‘The Exorcist.’ …the exorcism is performed onstage, and the 360-degree head spin is the funniest…”
-The New York Times

“The cast glitters to the last syllable of Christmas, in a show not to be missed this holiday season.”
-Broadway World
“The cast is outstanding, highlighted by: Chris Kateff as Father O’Day; Meg Mark as the devil-possessed Veda; and, David Zwiers as Sister Bernadette, the dominating Mother Superior.”
-Billi Pod Blogs


Don’t Dress For Dinner (Suzette)

“Stealing the show from these other talents was Meg Mark as Suzette. The role of Suzette gave Meg a chance to run the range of acting skills. Meg was a pure delight as the slightly dowdy hired cook. She was radiant after a few drinks! It was clear that the dumpy Suzette would transform into the sexy actress/model early in the plot, but the actual transformation was beyond belief.”
 P.O.V. Theater Review




Henry V (Katherine)

henry v

“Luckily Mr. Ferraioli also cast women as the female characters: … in France, Meg Mark as a delightful and winsome Katherine and Jessica Renee Russell as a very funny Alice. The pair have a blast with the famous French-language scene where Alice teaches Katherine English words for various parts of the body. Ms. Mark is graceful, coy, funny and charming in the wooing scene as well.”
 Blog Critics



Titus Andronicus (Lavinia)


“Kudos as well to Meg Mark as Lavinia, who is a sympathetic figure and manages to avoid the pitfall of black humor for one so horribly mutilated.”
Blog Critics



Bottoms Up! (Señora Valdez)

Bottoms Up!

“Meg Mark stands out in her role as a sultry, emotional Latina manager of a Caribbean hotel and sets the tone for a fiesta with her dancing gait and rolling R’s.”
Central Kentucky News

Arsenic and Old Lace (Elaine Harper)

“The lovely Meg Mark, who reminded me of a young Meg Ryan, was great as Mortimer’s not-so-dumb, undersexed girlfriend Elaine Harper.”
Blog Critics

Our Fantasies Are Eating Us Alive (Girlfriend)

 “…expertly performed by the strong ensemble of playwright Brett Andres, Sam Albertsen, Alice Bahlke, Thom Brown III, Meg Mark, Zack Springer and Max Stein, each playing off each other like seasoned comedy veterans.”
Blog Critics 

The Science Plays / Newton’s Genesis (Snake)SNAKE

Newton’s Genesis by ML Kinney is the crown jewel of the evening…They are ably assisted by Meg Mark as a sexpot Snake…”