New Work!

A few months ago my friend Adam approached me about reading a screenplay he had been working on for the past couple of years. I read it and was extremely excited by the proposition to work with an actor whose work I respect and am familiar with – and even more so to work on original material that I feel is rooted in honesty. It covers emotions all over the spectrum from excitement, hope, and love, infringes on anger and travels all the way down to the greatest depths of despair.

Last night, I had the pleasure of putting some scenes from this on film. By the grace of the universe my friend Mike who has great equipment and experience drove in from Philly to work with us. Over the course of the evening we got a diverse range of shots. And also I feel as though we’ve given birth to something that is worthy. Despite the dark nature, there is a redeeming quality in this piece that is deeply-seated in the heart. I’m very excited to move forward with this project and see what else we can put together. It’s amazing how having exactly no money for a project calls upon the greater characteristics that live in our souls to come out – our creative monsters which boil to the surface – our passionate hearts pouring out bloody guts and hope – our collaborative conversational skills – and our undeniable will. Where there is a will..

There. Is. A. Way.

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