A game wiithout a nameI am very happy to announce that I have been cast in A Festival of Fool’s production A Game Without A Name which is part of The New York City Fringe Festival this August.  It is in the Fringe Al Fresco series, which means it is an outdoor performance! This also means that rehearsals will be outdoors – I couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to spend my summer.  While I have found the inside of a black box to be comforting, like a vampire to her coffin, I am thrilled to not be stuck in a black void several evenings a week, and my pale-white-new-yorker-skin is thankful as well.  I actually worked with this company in a prior version of this production quite a few years ago which took place at The Looking Glass Theater – it was a very fun and challenging experience and I applaud the efforts of playwright Tim Bungeroth for further expanding and defining his work. Performance dates will be posted soon!


In other news, last evening I went to Upright Citizens Brigade with a few friends and saw SPANK – a sketch comedy show.  The second portion of the evening, You’re Doing Great! A Bold Faced Lie, was extremely moving.  A woman named Sharon Spell stood alone on stage and began to recall the death of her parents who parted with this world within 18 days of each other.  At the time of her father’s funeral her mother was in a coma and she passed on soon after.  This was a truly heart-wrenching experience for her (and her 3 siblings who all have names beginning with “S”) but she took this bowl of shit that life handed her and reworked it into a comedy routine – and it was FUNNY. It was very funny. Every time I was about to let a tear drop down my cheek she riled me right back up with laughter.  It was super unique to see a comedienne talk about something so truthful and vital to her experience.  She did not garner pity nor did it seem to be some type of self therapy (because omg…eye rolls commence) – it was a definite theatrical expression of finding humor and reasons to be happy to be alive, even in the darkest of days. Love her. Loved it. YES. And it reminded me of a quote I recently saw painted on the pavement of the Williamsburg Bridge:

speak the truth


Speak Your Mind