Finding Happy

This weekend my friends Shashwat Gupta, Adam Bemis, Cihangir Duman (G) and I entered the Asian American Film Lab  72 Hour Shootout Competition.  Group name: Meth Heads. Tagline: “Greenlight the Pony” At 8pm on Friday we were prompted with a theme, “the color of my hair.”  From that point on we had just 3 days to complete a five minute film.  It was a beautiful process! The film is still under wraps as we cannot make it public until the competition winners are announced.  It was so fun to work with people who speak the same creative language as I do – and who are relentlessly hard working – kind – and intelligent.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.  I’m looking forward to more projects with these talented and inspiring artists.  A very special thank you to Francoise Decatrel who was the makeup artist for the production as well as Josh Trent who was a steady and helpful crew member.fh9

meg mark, adam bemis, cihangir duman, shashwat gupta


meg mark as “rosemary” and shashwat gupta as “happy high”



adam bemis as “eric”


g our director



the lovely & professional francoise decatrel

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