De Facto Dance: Savage/Love by Sam Shepard & Joseph Chaikin

IMG956074I saw a production of Savage/Love this past weekend,  “Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin’s collection of monologues on the puzzles and vicissitudes of romantic love.” It was performed by De Facto Dance company with 10 actors. From start to finish (in 70 minutes – woo hoo!) there was non-stop movement which brought sweeping depth, humor, and intrigue to the show. By no means was this a piece meant to wow the audience with triple pirouettes and challenging dance moves – but rather De Facto Dance used bodies, physical connections, space, and levels to express emotional states.  It had a mixed medium element where projections would be displayed on the back wall and were creatively tied into the show (not as scenery, but as elements that had their own lives/roles/purpose). The play was focused entirely on relationships and how deeply they affect our sense of self. At times I felt very uncomfortable or sad, other times I was laughing and knowing. Certainly a great mirror!

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