Bring it on, August.

pursuitAugust 1st and the time is now! I have five projects coming to fruition this month and I cannot wait! Wrapping up UCB with my first ever improv show will be very exciting – and then I start 201 the following week!  After that I am privileged to perform in probably one of the most experimental and abstract pieces I have ever been a part of: A Hunt NYC: In Pursuit. A Hunt NYC is a continuation from the infamous performances of SOHOBITCHPACK in Soho London England. The name ‘Soho’ in England derives from an ancient hunting call meaning to ‘see a hare’ as the area was an old Hunting ground for the wealthy in the 1400s. New York ’s SoHo is an acronym but in A HUNT NY a chase and hunt of sorts is reenacted by a dog, a car and seven women. They find themselves displaced within the shop lined Manhattan grid, yet they are all involved in a pursuit to find an object for their desires. This has been an extremely fascinating creative process using the voice, words, and modes of desire to develop a whole new language and way of interacting with people, objects, “stuff” and the area of SoHo.  A primal, visceral, and aesthetic process which challenges both artist and viewer. Next up after that will be a simultaneous run of A Game Without A Name in The Fringe Festival & Abramovic in The Strawberry One-Act Festival, followed by He Loves Me at The Times Square Arts Center to close the month.  Very exciting to be alive and abuzz with projects – and only about a month away from my second year back at The Actors Studio! Now…if I could just…find a moment to breathe?! OH YEAH just under two weeks away from spending two day with my mom and sister in RI on the ocean!!  That should do the trick.

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