Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

An excellent book by David Sedaris with illustrations by Ian Falconer.  Certainly a book I would highly recommend!! And a very fast read – good for subway riders. A few quotes I would like to share:Cute-Chipmunk

The Mouse and the Snake:

“When the serpent coiled, they jumped and fretted, reactions that left the mouse feeling almost unbelievably special – exotic, really, which was different from eccentric.  To qualify for the latter, all you needed was a turban and an affinity for ridiculously large beads or the color purple.  To be exotic, on the other hand, one had to think not just outside the box but outside the world of boxes.”

The Grieving Owl:

“To live in a damp crowded asshole and sing – if these guys don’t know the secret to living, I don’t know who does.”




I’m also feeling very grateful for having such amazing friends. My best friends have known me since middle school and still stand by me every day, no matter what life brings.  I love them.

silent. strange. pull.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”water

It has been nice having somewhat of a quiet weekend to spend with myself, listen to my thoughts, and chill out.  I managed to make it through Todd Phillip’s documentary Hated: GG Allin and The Murder Junkies which I cannot say that I recommend but it is certainly an intense portrait of a very tormented soul.  It made me question the boundaries of what being a performer means and examine how truly different all of the people of the world are. Just…don’t watch it while you’re eating.  I also have finished season 1 of Nashville which is an obsession of mine. Such great writing and so emotional! A very talented cast…and I also love country music so that’s an obvious draw for me. Have been able to enjoy the weather with some football in Central Park yesterday with a great group of people and a bike ride this morning by the water. Looking forward to another week of summer, creativity, & being silently pulled toward things that make my heart feel full.



Happy weekend!

Happy Friday!


bike-rideIt’s been a whirlwind of a month! After finishing my first year of grad school I was unsure where to turn – faced with social depression missing my 43 new amazing friends and a lot of extra time at my day job. Rather than sink in, I thought of the next four months as a tabula rasa waiting to be inscribed.  I hit the pavement this week….many exciting audition opportunities.  One thing that my teacher Elizabeth Kemp taught me this year was that my work should not require an audience. Being back at auditioning has raised the age old fears/stress/pressure – but thinking on Elizabeth’s words I truly was able to focus on giving myself over to the project and doing my best with what I have and where I am at.  I am feeling confident, happy, and lucky.  My classes at Upright Citizens Brigade have been a blast! Don Fanelli is a really fun guy and makes the class comfortable and exciting all at the same time. Pulling my bike out of storage I have been enjoying some beautiful rides over the Williamsburg Bridge. In my book club we just finished reading Dan Brown’s The Inferno, and I would like to share with you this quote: “Don’t feel alone – even the gods were conflicted.” Finally finding my post-first-year-of-grad-school-summer-sea-legs, I find I am faced with a beautiful world.  And it should be beautiful – as the rain is certainly cleansing the city! Updates soon to come on my performance dates for the summer!

Love, Light, & Less Rain.