A Brief Review of Fall 2013

It has been a wild few months, diving head first into my second year of graduate school at The Actors Studio Drama School MFA Program. The semester started out with me remembering to release & breathe, which I had seemed to have lost touch with over the summer while heading off 4 projects and finding a new apartment. Accompanying my release came a waterfall of unquestioned tears which dropped down beneath my feet in a slip and slide kind of way, propelling me forward through my wonderful artistic ventures — splashing and screaming. I was extremely fortunate to work on Wendy MacLeod’s HOUSE OF YES and play the character of Jackie-O. A dark comedy in which the playwright intends to “take off the white gloves.” A challenging and sad piece littered with humor which taught me that I am scary and weird enough just as I am- no need to push it. I am hoping to propose this as my thesis project to go up in spring of 2015 (fingers crossed)! I also worked on BEYOND THERAPY by Christopher Durang as psychotherapist Charlotte Wallace. This was a great challenge for me to combine The Method into comedic work. I usually go straight to physicality to enhance humor in a scene but my teacher, Ms. Jacqueline Knapp, demanded I find the seeds and basis of truth first and only from there could I build the physical growth in my character. It was an experience I shall not forget and will take with me as I approach any other comedy – no matter how wacky or outlandish – “if it is not truthful, than NOBODY CARES” (said to me by Jacqueline, said to her by Lee Strasberg). I also worked on OUR LADY OF 121ST STREET as Sonia with 2 beautifully talented and brilliant women friends of mine, Shayla & Deanna. That was a treat and a half. So much fun, so much I missed writing about, and so looking forward to this new year and more frequent blog posts.

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